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Originally from Cheshire England, I now live just outside Rogers, Arkansas on Beaver Lake.

I became a photographer in 2006 and Volunteer Firefighter in 2012 when I moved to Arkansas. It was at this point that my passion for photographing firefighters and fire equipment was ignited. I find myself uniquely placed because my knowledge of the fire scene allows me to get my gear and myself much closer than many other photographers, and also allows me to get myself into the right place to get some truly great images of firefighters doing the job they do so well.  

A wise man once told me "take a photograph of someone you love, up close, in a beautiful light" and it is my mission to love (with my camera) every firefighter and piece of apparatus and equipment I am fortunate enough to shoot, as close as I possibly can without it getting too uncomfortable (or hot!), and to try and do so in some of the most beautiful light there is, fire.

Photography is not just something I do, it is a part of who I am, as is serving my community as a firefighter, and I strive to always give the very best of myself. If I am not happy with my work, I cannot expect you to be happy either. I truly believe that it is this dedication to my art that enables me to produce the quality of work that you see here. I would love to talk to you about what you are looking for.

If I don't believe I am the right photographer for you, I will tell you, but I am pretty certain we will be a good fit if you like what you have seen so far. Please feel free to contact me at the telephone number or email address at the top of my web page. This is not a career choice that necessarily happens on my doorstep in Rogers, Arkansas, or in the space of an hour on a Tuesday afternoon, so let's talk about your requirements and where, when and for how long you will need my services. I am excited to get to know you better, build relationships and supply you with amazing images!